Road Warriors

I am sitting in a hotel room in Tulsa, Oklahoma tonight. The room is full of native American art and is a departure from the typical Hilton/Marriott/IHG hotel that I usually frequent. After two delayed flights, I made it at a reasonable hour but am still waiting for two colleagues to arrive – both of whom have delayed flights as well.


This is a pretty typical story for the wonderful people I am and have worked with in the past. We are road warriors who have ‘travel’ as part of their job description to support thousands of teachers across the country. Even though most of our time is spent at home virtually working with people, there are always advantages to meeting face-to-face. A video conference just can’t compare to seeing and feeling the emotion in the room when teachers are learning something new or struggling with a problem or puzzle of practice.

Sometimes our partners, kids, and friends sound like broken records. “Are you really going to be gone again?” “Where are you going this time?” “Didn’t you just get home?” “I thought teachers had the summer off?” Little do they know that late Spring through the beginning of the school year is really the busiest time of year for those who support teachers and that teachers really spend most of their “time off” getting ready for the next year.

Despite all of the challenges that come with travelling for the job, we wouldn’t change it for the world. We are passionate about helping teachers get better at their craft in order to make classrooms better for kids. So this post is dedicated to all of my friends and co-workers who have spent countless nights away from home with many more to come – here’s to you as you are in the thick of travel. May your flights be on time, your coachees be full of excitement, and your hotel beds be cozy.