Blended Focus at #ACTFL14

Tomorrow I will be attending the ACTFL Annual Convention and World Language Expo in San Antonio, Texas. While I am very excited about attending a conference as a participant and not a facilitator, I am torn about how to best spend my time during the regular conference. This is because I wear many hats in my current role.  I originally registered to learn more about how others in education are defining and implementing performance assessments through the pre-conference sessions because of my role on our Assessment Team. Is the way we having been coaching our world language teachers in the New Tech Network to use PBL as a vessel for performance assessments consistent with the national conversation?

However, I could spend my time focusing on the curriculum component of the conference since I have been responsible for the World Language New Teacher Track for the past two years.  Are we building projects using the best strategies and techniques for face to face instruction? How are the new World-Readiness Standards going to impact curriculum design? How are others implementing the Can-Do Statements?

But I am also a digital learning designer, and I was (pleasantly) surprised at the emphasis of online, blended, and the sheer number of instructional technologies that are present for language learners. The pull is so strong to spend time in that world to see how others are blended language instruction and what technologies are really supporting personalized learning.

I am excitedly torn. I plan on mixing it up and attempting to see as many types of sessions as possible. With so many lenses, I am hoping that my learning makes my head hurt so good.  Stay tuned…